About Us

MRS Logistix LLC is a truck dispatch
company that provides top of the line dispatch services to owner operators
and small trucking companies. We are here for you and your daily trucking
needs so you can relax and focus on what you do best, driving! A strong
driver dispatcher bond is what we believe in. Here at MRS Logistix LLC
we are very understanding and respect each driver’s personal life.
You’re the Boss so you choose where you would like to drive and when you
want to be home. We will do our best to keep you active and loaded on a
weekly basis. As well as negotiate with brokers for the best rates. Our job is
to coordinate the shipping operations and handle all necessary paperwork.
Let us make your job easier so you can reach your destination faster and
more efficiently. Save time, money and increase your revenue when you
choose MRS Logistix LLC as your truck
dispatching service!